The Gary Foundation
Seeking to improve the well being of humanity.


I am told time and time again that my father was an amazing man; One who would walk into a room, light it up with his charm, and instantly become everyone's friend. Gary Ian MacDonald was a true inspiration to those around him, whose good doing I refuse to let stop because of his unfortunate death due to Chondrosarcoma, an extremely rare bone cancer. The Gary Foundation was an idea of mine for years, and now I have finally made the time to make it happen. The primary foci are currently research for a Chrondosarcoma cure, and developing a meshnet: a distributed network intended to be an alternative to the Internet. Because of my background in technology, I am better equipped to manage the latter, therefore grants will be provided for worthy Chrondosarcoma research teams. The members of the Gary Foundation have all agreed to receive no monetary compensation for the efforts being put forth, so all of the funds donated will be put toward our efforts with great efficiency. We are absolutely thrilled to be working to solve these problems. If you want to help in any way, please get in touch.

The Gary Foundation is a US registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation, and a Montana registered nonprofit corporation, whose declared primary foci are Cancer Research, Technology Research, and Education.

Cancer Research

Chrondosarcoma is the reason this foundation came about, and we are always on the lookout for research teams who can best utilize the grants we wish to provide to such organizations.

Freedom from Oppression

This in itself carries many implications. Our focus will be on the most important medium for communication in our modern world: Networks (e.g. the Internet). It is inevitable that the Internet will continue to be more and more heavily scrutinized and regulated by central authority. Creating a distributed global information network before this happens is key, and we hope to accelerate this.

Monetary Liberty

Bitcoin is the name for both a distributed payments network and the currency that network uses. Bitcoin is a revolutionary technology; distributed and not prone to the inherent threats of a system with centralized authority. However, it depends largely on the Internet. Bitcoin is one of the first protocols that will be moved to a decentralized network.

Enabling Youth

There are countless young minds who have fantastic ideas. The members of the Gary Foundation all started successful businesses before turning 20. Having this background, we are able to kickstart young people more effectively than most.



  • Cjdns

    cjdns Router

    Imagine an Internet where every packet is cryptographically protected from source to destination against espionage and forgery, getting an IP address is as simple as generating a cryptographic key, core routers move data without a single memory look up, and denial of service is a term read about in history books. Finally, becoming an ISP is no longer confined to the mighty telecoms, anyone can do it by running some wires or turning on a wireless device.

    This is the vision of cjdns.

  • Project Meshnet

    Project Meshnet

    Our objective is to create a versatile, decentralized network built on secure protocols for routing traffic over private mesh or public internetworks independent of a central supporting infrastructure.

  • seattlemesh

    Seattle Meshnet

    The Seattle meshnet is a steadily growing local meshnet. Densely populated cities happen to be excellent testing grounds for this technology.

  • Board

    Garrett MacDonald

    Founder & Executive Director

    Shura Ferdinand

    Logistics Director

    David Kirk